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 The Guild

 An guild create for friends and friends to be in game.

We welcome all gamer who's enjoy the process of MMORPG gamming to join our community.We try to build an environment for player to enjoy the game without stress over task they don't like to do yet able to enjoy all the benefit what a guild base can offer.

For more information please check on our Forum.


Ares, Greek god of war, has become resentful of his fellow gods, and wishes to gain more power in order to defeat them. However, the Greek city-states are already warring, and Ares must find new lands in which war can be started. At the same time, the land of Arabic is at a restless peace, with the leaders of both The Holy Empire, and The Religious Alliance ready to break it. Ares travels to Arabic, appearing to Emperor Damion of The Holy Empire as a crow, and incites him to attack the Alliance. Athena, Ares' sister, gains knowledge of this plan, and also travels to Arabic, and informs the native god Kulam of the foreign gods intrusion. Under her guidance, Kulam has intercourse with Aleria, the daughter of Alliance leader Abner.

Guild History


The Guild HolyStar @Legend of Ares (Alliance) Established on 09-10-2016

The Games

In the beginning two gods existed - Dyos and Nyos, they were the rulers of the universe and could create and destroy as they saw fit.


Guild History


The Guild HolyStar @ FW Established on 11-02-2012 and growth well. Upgraded to Lv 2 on 19-02-2012. Upgraded to Lv 3 on 25-04-2012. Ugraded to Lv 4 on 02-07-2012 with Lv 1 Base. Upgraded to Lv 5 on 11-09-2012 with Lv 2 Base.


The Games

In a blink, time brings a great change to the world.  After another millions of years, circumstances changed with the time.  At present, demons run wild everywhere.  Not only the earth, but the heaven is also in crisis.  Now, the heavy responsibility of saving the world is entrusted to you.  So why still hesitate?  Act now!

Guild History


The Guild HolyStar @ AF (Cosmos Tribe) Established on 29-01-2013 with all guild facilities build . Upgraded to Lv 2 on 26-02-2013. Upgraded to Lv 3 on 01-03-2013. Upgraded to Lv 4 on 09-05-2013. Upgraded to Lv 5 on 07-06-2013. Upgraded to Lv 6 on 11-07-2013.

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